JULY 2022

CLASS SCHEDULE:  The Summer Schedule will be ending on August 12, 2022.  If you are signed up for a summer class we are expecting you the first 2 weeks of August and for you to pay 1/2 mo rate for that month.  IF you are continuing into the fall you can pay for the full month if your class time isn't changing.  If it will be increasing/decreasing then email Angie and she will be happy to help you figure out the correct rate for August.    

FALL/SPRING SCHEDULE: The class schedule is now posted on the CATTS website.  We will begin Fall classes Monday, August 15, 2022.  You can email directly from the website to get signed up for classes.  You can register as an "existing student" if you have already attended classes at CATTS.  We do NOT need a new enrollment form.  

UPCOMING CLOSINGS:   CATTS will not be closing the week between summer and fall.  We realize that people may be missing classes due to back to school activities but we have decided to remain open.  We will be closed Sept 5 for Labor Day. 

AWARDS WEEK:  Please stop by and grab your trophies if you were not here over the summer.  For any new students that began this summer you wont be receiving awards until May 2023 which is the month we recognize students for their involvement in our program.    

WEBSITE:  Please check the calendar on the website if you are ever questioning our dates of closure.  The website also can be a place to make your monthly payment instead of entering the facility with cash, check or card.  Under the "classes" tab at the top of the page there is a "pay online" tab and that guides you to our payment portal.      www.cattsgymnastics.com

PLAY GROUP:  We are now having weekly playgroups for kids 5 & under every Friday 10-11:30am. 











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